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and now for something completely different,

I decided to massively alter the image below into this psychedelic rendering, it was in fact remarkably easy to do, 

 having finished and saving the picture in colour and black and white I opened the picture in CC 15,

and using the Viveza 2 in the NIK Collection I scrolled down to the level and curves graph, made 2 control points and moved them till I or I should say Viveza produced this affect, I then just clicked Save As in the file menu at the top of the page and it was done,

 for this rendering I chose the 006, High Structure Smooth mask,

and my favourite mask, 036 Antique, there is a selection of 36 different masks in black and white in the Silver Effects Pro in the NIK Collection, just pick the one you chose and hey presto it is done! then save as usual,

and the original image straight out of the camera, the camera I use is a Lumix DMC GX8 with 12-60mm lens, I had the camera converted to take infrared pictures at Protech Photographic in Uckfield, Sussex, UK. who were more than very helpful, and no I am not on commission, I will add pictures that I have taken in and around Pattaya, Thailand, every few days, please feel free to comment or if you have any questions please ask away, but I am not an expert, just someone that has discovered the fascination of infrared photography.


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